63A Digital DinRail Backlight Energy Meter


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1. 35mm DIN Rail mounting meets the standards of DIN EN50022.

2. 17.5mm pole width meets the standards of DIN43880.

3. LCD backlight digital display, no reset button, to avoid human manipulation with the data.

4. It displays energy, voltage, current ,power.

5. Red LED energy pulse signal.

6. Embedded end cover, ensuring power supply safety.

7 . Large scale integrated circuits and precision SMT technology, with good electromagnetic interference resistance and stable performance.


Material: Plastic

Accuracy: First Grade

Voltage :200-250VAC

Current: 0.1-80A

Energy: 0.1-99999.9 KWH

Power: 0.1-17000W

Reference Voltage: 220V/230V 50/60Hz

Reference Current (Max. Current): 5(80)A

Insulating Property: 1min 4KV Alternating Voltage, 1.2/50us 6KV Waveform Impulse Voltage

Display: LCD Backlight / LCD Display

Installation: 35mm DIN Rail

Wiring Method: Up-out and down-in/up-in and down-out

Power: 17000W

Environment Temperature: -20C~+50C

Pole Width: 17.5mm/0.7in

Functions: Display electricity, voltage, current, frequency, power factors

Package Size: Approx. 8.6 * 4.2 * 7.2cm/3.4 * 1.7 * 2.8in

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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm


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