4IN1 din rail AC monitor 100A Voltage Current KWH Electric energy meter

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4IN1 din rail AC monitor 
• Measures Voltage, Current, KWH, Electric energy
• VOLT AMP voltmeter ammeter Wattmeter Energy meter
• Ideal for electrical and power management
• Clear Reset Button can Reset Energy meter to zero
• Easy to install on DIN rail
• Suitable for DIY and outdoor projects
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This 4IN1 din rail AC monitor is a versatile tool for monitoring your electrical usage.
With the ability to measure voltage, current, KWH, electric energy, VOLT AMP, voltmeter, ammeter, wattmeter,
and energy meter, this device is perfect for those who want to keep a close eye on their energy consumption.
The compact design makes it easy to install on a DIN rail, and the 100A capacity ensures that it
can handle even high-power applications. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional electrician,
this AC monitor is an essential tool for keeping your electrical system running smoothly.

Main Function:
Measure and LCD display AC Power Voltage, Current, Active Power, Energy kWh .
1. Voltage

measurement range: AC 50-300V , starting test voltage: 50V , accuracy: +/- 1%
2. Current
measurement range: 0-100A , starting test current: 0.02A
display format <10A display such as: 9.99A
<100A display such as: 99.9A
accuracy: +/- 1%
3.Active power
measurement range: 0-30kw
display format: < 10w display such as: 9.99w
< 100w display such as: 99.9w
< 1000w display such as: 999w
< 10000w display such as: 9.99kw
>=10000w display such as:
starting test power: 0.5w
accuracy: +/- 1%
4. Energy
measurent range: 0-1999kwh
display format: <10kwh display such as: 9.99kwh
< 100kwh display such as: 99.9kwh
< 1000kwh display such as: 999kwh
< 10000kwh display such as: 1999kwh
over the test range will maintain the data, otherwise you reset it
accuracy: +/- 1%

Other Function:
1. Backlight control
the backlight can be turned on or off by short press the key
2. Reset energy
long press the key over 3 seconds until the energy data flash, then release the key, short press the key again to reset the energy
3. Data storage
when the power off, the energy data and backlight status can be saved


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