Din Rail TOMZN 63A Over Under Leakage Protector TOMPD-63SL

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Din rail design for easy installation in electrical systems.
• Automatic Reconnect feature ensures continuous power supply after a fault.
• Over and Under Voltage protection for safe operation.
• Current Limit function to prevent overload and damage.
• Leakage Protection for enhanced safety in electrical circuits.
• Corded Electric power source for reliable performance.
• Ideal for Home Improvement and Electrical applications.
• Breakers, Load Centers & Fusers category for versatile use.
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Rated voltage: AC220V+-10% 50Hz/60Hz

Power consumption: <3W

This Protector can cut off L and N at same time.

Rated voltage: 230V;

Frequency: 50Hz/60HZ
1. Under voltage protection 140V-210V (adjustable) (default: 170V)
2. Over voltage protection 230V-300V (adjustable) (default: 270)
3. Over current protection 1A-63A (adjustable) (default: 63A)
4. Reconnect time (delay on time): 1s-500s (default: 30s)
5. Electric leakage protection:10-99mA
6. Power display range:0-99999.9kw
7.Voltage/current/kW calibration: -9.9%-9.9%
8. Voltage meter
9. Ammeter
10. Energy meter

11. Reconnect when voltage and current back to normal

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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm


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