3 Phases KG317T 380V Weekly Programmable Timer Switch

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  • High Quality 3 Phase Digital Timer Switch
  • KG317T 380V PROGRAMMABLE Switch
  • 110V 250V 25A ELECTRICAL
  • LCD display,easy to read.
  • Excellent load capacity
  • voltage output. 350V~415 AC INPUT, AND 350V~415AC OUTPUT.
  • Easy program, everyone can program it after he reads the manual JUST one time.
  • Stable performance
  • 3 PHASE timer Switch
  • Industrial Switch
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7 DAYS programable Stable three-phase high-performance timer switch, three FireWire input and output three FireWire.

zero line without inconvenient for some customers to solve the shortcomings of the zero line.

Just set up a few open points off the can, a total of 17 can be set to open 17 Off , Monday to Sunday, arbitrarily set a minimum interval of one minute, the maximum 168 hours (equivalent to one week).

You can manually open and close temporarily, as long as one can set up a permanent loop. It is widely used in pumps, pond aerator, steaming machines, water heaters, billboaards, neon signs, exhaust fan, etc.

Three-phase 350V-420VAC motors and other equipment, to achieve unmanned management, safe, reliable, stable performance, is a very good choice.


• Three phase digtal time switch for 7 days-24 hours

• Advanced pre-setting one week before

• 16 ON/OFF programs for daily and weekly

• One channel, votage output.

• Accurate-to-the-minute control

• LED power indicator, high contrast LCD display

• Reset function and manual override

• Battery back up for power


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