Sinotimer 30A Digital Timer TM619G



The timer switch can open or close kinds of electrical apparatus and power automatically, according to preset time, the items can be streetlight, nion light (sign), billboard, electrical appliances, broadcast equipments etc., the digital timer switch is within rechargeable battery, in 1.2V/40Ma, high-accuracy CMOS chip, strongly anti-jamming, easy to use.


* The versatile 7-day PROGRAM MALBE schedule (1NO +1Ö) has four functions:

* Clock display (12/24 board format)

* TIMER (7 days, 16 times per day on/off)

* COUNTDOWN from 0:00 to 23:59

* You can turn on/off the timer of any electronic device by a preset timer

* 16 on/off shows per day, 15 combinations per week.

* 24 hours per week / 7 days programmable.

* Built-in battery for backing up the memory in the event of a power failure (program for saving settings)

* Automatic time correction +/- 30 seconds, weekly

* Repeat 16 on/off settings and off/manual settings,

* Easy to read LCD display, LED display

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