Tuya Smart Mini Fan Switch Module


  • Smart WiFi Fan Dimmer Switch
  • Quick and easy setup with the phone APP,
  • work through the Wi-Fi connection, no need gateway
  • Remote control via 3G/4G/WiFi on mobile
  • Share with your family to control together
  • LED backlight indicator at night
  • Works with Amazon Echo and Google Home
  • Tempered glass + Flame-retardant plastic
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Control your home ceilling fan at anytime and anywhere, and you can turn on / off through your smartphones controlled by IOS or Android system. You can plan and set a specific time to automatically turn on / off your fan, which helps save electricity.
This smart fan switch allows voice control with Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Show. Simple and quick operation by scanning the QR code to download app (App Store / Google play Store)Intelligent Grouping Control / Real-Time Monitoring Energy-saving and safe, reduce equipment wasting electricity, while effectively preventing high-power equipment from heating by using too much power, protecting the working life of the equipment.
1. This product only supports ceiling fans, not fan With lights
2. Please operate with the Breaker off when configuring the network
3. Long press the reset switch to directly adjust the speed, when adjusting faster or slower, please release the switch and then operate
4. Touch switches and other mechanical switches can only operate on and off, and cannot support speed adjustment. You must first ensure that the switch is open before the on-off device can work
5. If the fan does not work when the speed is adjusted, Please adjust the minimum fan speed.
6. Since different fans have different compatibility and quality, the minimum speed is also different
7. The timing function can only time the on and off of the fan, and does not support the speed of the timed fan.
8. When connecting to Wifi signal, please turn on Bluetooth and WIFI, so that the connection speed will be faster.

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Dimensions 15 × 12 × 5 cm


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