20A automatic Changeover Cam Switch Rotary 1-0-2 Selector LW28-20 Change Over Switch


• automatic Changeover Cam Switch Rotary 
• Change Over Switch for Powerpoints
• Suitable for Tools, DIY & Outdoor Electrical
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LW28 Series Universal switch mainly used in AC 50Hz, rated voltage 380V and below, the DC voltage 220V, rated current up to 160A electrical lines for frequent manual or breaking the circuit for the control and conversion purposes, can also be directly control three-phase asynchronous motor and as a master control and measurement circuit use. Products widely used, instead of the official National various conversion switch, can be used as the official switch control circuits, test equipment switches, motor control switches, and master control switch, and the switch such as welding.


The main circuit for conversion and direct control switch in line with GB14048.3-2001.
Master control switch in line with GB14048.5-2001.


Normal operating conditions
1.The ambient air temperature does not exceed +40°c, and its average temperature within 24h does not exceed +35°c;
2.lower limit of the ambient air temperature does not exceed the -5 °c;
3.installation site altitude does not exceed 2000m;
4.The maximum temperature is +40°c, the relative temperature of the air does not exceed 50%, at a lower temperature allows a higher relative humidity, such as 20°c, 90% of occasional condensation due to temperature changes special measures.

1.Press zoning have converted with the main circuit switch, direct motor control switch and master control and measurement switch.
2.operation divided by location type, since the complex type and location of self-replicating.
3.Press contact system points, positioning type switch with 1 to 12 (of which only eight 63A), since the complex type switch has a section 1-3, the direct control of the motor with the main switch 1-6.
4.angle divided by 30 °, 45 °, 60 °, 90 ° and so on.
5.Press the panel shape of a square divided panel, rectangular panels and round panel (only 20A have).
6.Knob type divided by R, Type I, F, B type, S-type, L-type, P and K type, a total of eight.
7.Press the operation and actuator position combinations


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