6-30v Multifunction Relay On-Off Timer


  • Work Voltage: 6-30V support micro USB 5.0V power supply
  • Triger Source: High voltage level trigger ( 3.0V-24V )
  • Output Capability: Can control the device within DC 0-30V 5A or AC 0-220V 5A
  • Service Life: More than 100 thousand times
  • Work Temperature: -40℃~ + 85℃
  • Main Interface: Off work status shows “000” (no decimal point ), work status has decimal point, very clear.
  • Size: 62x38x17mm
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Wide voltage power supply (6 ~ 30V) supports micro USB 5.0V power supply, easy to use;

The interface is clear and simple, powerful, easy to understand, meet almost all your needs;

There is a key stop function (STOP key), with reverse polarity protection, reverse polarity does not burn;

Increase the sleep mode, it enables, without any operation within 5 minutes, turn off the monitor automatically; any key to wake up;

You can set a different OP, CL, LOP parameters, which are independent of each other, were saved;

All setup parameters are saved automatically power down.

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Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 cm


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