TAXNELE 63A Din Rail Adjustable digital Over/Under Voltage Protector

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  • 63A 230V Din Rail
  • Adjustable Over And Under Voltage Protector
  • Automatic Recovery Protective Device With Over Current Protection
  • Power supply:230VAC 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption : <2W
  • Electric machinery life : 4,000 times
  • Dimensions : 65*36*85mm
  • Installation:35mm DIN rail

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1.Over-voltage protection

2.Under-voltage protection

3.Over-current protection

4.Automatic recovery

5.Voltage display(voltage measurement)

6.Current display (current measurement)

Product Parameters:

1.Model number:TVPS1-63B

2.Power supply:230VAC 50/60Hz

3.Max.Loading power:1~40A  Adjustable(default:40A)

1~63A  Adjustable(default:63A)

4.Over-voltage protection value range:230V~300~OFF(default:270V)

Over-voltage recovery voltage range:225V–295V(default:250V)

Over-voltage protection action time:0.1s~30s(default value:0.5s)

Over-voltage recovery delay time:1s~500s(default:30s)

5.Under-voltage protection value range:140V–210V –OFF(default:170V)

Under-voltage recovery voltage range:145V–215V (default:190V)

Under-voltage protection action time:0.1s~30s(default:0.5s)

Under-voltagerecovery delay time:1s~500s(default:30s)

6.Over-current adjustment range:1-40A (default:20A)1-63A(default:40A)

Over-current action range:0.1~30 second (default:0.5s)

Over-currentrecovery delay time:1s~500s(default:30s)

7.Power-on delay time:1s~500s(default:10s)

9.Power consumption : <2W

10.Electric machinery life : 100,000 times

11.Installation:35mm DIN rail

Noted: When you first connect the product, you have to wait about 10 second(Power-on delay time:1s~500s(default:10s)),after the red light turn off, then the product will work.

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  1. Ali

    Which brand is this sir? Tamzen, tens, or moragold?

    • Smartways Security & Technologies

      Taxnele brand

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